River City Irrigation will help maintain your existing underground irrigation system, regardless of what product line you currently have. We have a full line of Hunter and Toro parts on hand to correct whatever problem that arises. We offer our services at a rate of $45/hour with a standard $45 service charge. Our service range is within an hour of La Crosse, WI.

River City Irrigation keeps your lawn healthy throughout the year! Every Spring the birds fly back north, the snow eventually melts and homeowners take a close look at how their lawns look. We offer our services activating your sprinkler system in the Spring. During this process we will inspect every sprinkler head to make sure it is operation properly and look for any disturbances that may have occurred in the off-season (ie snow-plow damage). If need be, we will fix anything faulty, non-operative or leaking. We will schedule your timer to operate automatically to whatever specifications you desire.

Throughout the year, lawnscapes can be changed or altered. If you damage a sprinkler head or put a shovel through an irrigation line, we can fix it. Need a head moved? Remodeling you yard (ie addition to house, new deck, rock beds)? We can help. Whatever the reason, we will do the work in a speedy manner and our service rates are competitively priced.

Fall approaches and soon it will be time to flush out the lines to avoid the underground lines from freezing. All but a few customers contract these services to contractors like us. During this process, we bring a large compressor to "blow-out" every line in your system. Our "winterization" is a guarantee from us that nothing in your irrigation system will freeze (or we'll fix it for free!!). While any contractor can perform this duty, our low rates will appeal to the average homeowner.

For residential and/or commercial systems our winterization rates are as follows:
              $15.00 Compressor fee   
              $8.00 per station

We will never charge more than $120.00 for a residential winterization! So if you have a larger system, you won't be penalized.

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